Agence Hoffman

Agence Hoffman in Munich was founded in l959 by Dr. Michael Hoffman in the then fast growing international copyright market. Dagmar Henne ran the agency until l989 when Ursula Bender took over. Since 2010, Andrea Wildgruber has been the managing director of Agence Hoffman in Munich.


Our team consists of agents Roswitha Kern, Claudia Lichte, Uwe Neumahr and Andrea Wildgruber, who together bring many years of experience and deep knowledge of the publishing industry in Germany and abroad.


In addition, we work with German and international authors – developing their book ideas and manuscripts, representing them on the German as well as on the international bookmarket. Our contacts to the national and international publishers, and our longstanding experience with the development and placement of manuscripts as well as our competence with contracts guarantee professional handling of all matters, and a strong support for our authors.


Our experience and interest ranges from literature to light reading, from popular science to memoir, from young adult titles to thrillers and crime novels.


The Agence Littéraire Hoffman, Paris was founded in 1935 by Sankt-Petersburg born Michael A. Hoffman soon after his arrival from Berlin where his publishing activity had become impossible under the Nazi regime. Paris, then, as now the centre of literary life in France, enabled the young multilingual cosmopolitan Michael Hoffman to establish close contacts with authors like Erich Kästner, Ivan Bunin, Henry Miller, John Steinbeck and many more who followed. The agency still handles worldwide rights in Henry Miller’s works.

After the death of the founder of the agency in l971, his two sons Boris and Georges took over the leadership. Georges Hoffman runs the agency to this day.