Our Authors – Fiction


Johanna Alba & Jan Chorin

Johanna Alba (born 1973) is a culture journalist and an art historian. She has studied in Rome where she lived in an artist-flat-share next to the Vatican. Currently she is working for different magazines for literature, art and history. Jan Chorin (born 1971) is a historian, specialized in European history of religion and ideas. The married couple lives in Munich, together with their two children. Their detective stories HALLELUJA and GLORIA about Pontifex Petrus who clears up murders with the help of his confidants are published by Rowohlt. Volume 3 will be published in November 2014.

Ben Bennett

lives on Mallorca. He is the author of the bestseller SOLANGE ES WUNDER GIBT/As Long As There Are Miracles. NACHTMAHL IM PARADIES/Dinner In Paradise was published by Blanvalet in 2012 and was translated into several languages. His last novel is MADEMOISELLE MELON ERLEBT EIN WUNDER/Mademoiselle Melon Experiences A Miracle.

Riccarda Blake

writes captivating novels in the genre of Paranormal Erotic.

Bernhard Blöchl

is a journalist and author and lives in Munich. He learned his profession at the Deutsche Journalistenschule (DJS) and at Süddeutsche Zeitung, where he has been working for many years now. He mainly writes about pop, culture and leisure related topics. His debut novel FÜR IMMER JULI will be published in Summer 2013 with MaroVerlag.

Ottavio Cappellani

was born in 1969 in Catania. He is one of the best known Sicilian authors. His debut novel, WHO IS LOU SCIORTINO?, was published in 30 countries. Ottavio Cappellani also works in film and theatre.

Stefanie Dörr

lives with her family in Frankfurt/Main. She writes novels and short stories for children and young adults. Her debut novel ICH SEHE WAS, WAS DU NICHT SIEHST, has been nominated for the White Ravens Award 2011. www.stefanie-doerr.de

Katharina Eyssen

works in the film industry and lives in Munich. Her first novel ALLES VERBRECHER was published in Spring 2011 by btb Verlag. It was awarded the Bayerischer Kunstförderpreis 2011. For her upcoming novel Katharina Eyssen received the Leonhard und Ida-Wolf Gedächtnispreis.

Julia Freidank

Julia Freidank is a cultural historian and accomplished her PhD (doctorate) besides being a trained soprano-singer. Her hobby, medieval sword-fencing, was an inspiration for her successful novel debut DIE GAUKLERIN VON KALTENBERG (The Travelling Minstrel of Kaltenberg, Ullstein) that was listed straight off among Spiegel-bestsellers. A film licence for her second novel DIE FÄLSCHERIN (The Forger, Ullstein) has been sold. She lives near Munich.

Manuela Golz

grew up in West Berlin. In her very successful novel FERIEN BEI DEN HOTTENTOTTEN/Holidays with the Hottentots she parodied life in the 1970s.

Anette Göttlicher

is an author, journalist and photographer. Her first novel WER IST EIGENTLICH PAUL? was a big bestseller, many others followed. Her latest novel MENSCH, PAUL! was published in 2011. Anette Göttlicher lives in Munich. www.anette-goettlicher.de

Richard Hagen

writes crime novels that are set in the Rhineland. IHR UNSCHULDIGES HERZ/Her Innocent Heart and BLUTHATZ/Bloodhunt were published by Blanvalet.

Diana and Jessica Itterheim

live in the small village Torgelow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The mother and daughter have written together the fantasy trilogy SCHLOSS DER ENGEL. The first part of that trilogy was published in summer 2012 by Aufbau Verlag. Currently they are working on new writing projects. http://www.itterheim.com/

Susanne Kliem

born in 1965, worked as a publicist for TV and theatre. As a assistant director and theatre director she went through murderous years that inspired her to write her first crime novel THEATERBLUT. Her next novel DIE BESCHÜTZERIN will be published in 2014 by carl's books. Susanne Kliem was awarded the Krefelder Kurzkrimipreises 2009 and nominated for the Agatha-Christie-Krimipreis 2012. She lives in Berlin with her family.

Tanja Kokoska

worked for many years as an editor at the daily newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau. She regularly writes for the satirical pages of the newspaper "taz". Since the beginning of 2012 she is a freelance journalist and author - her debut novel ALMUTH SPIELT AUSWÄRTS will be published in 2013 by Pendo.

Sabine Kornbichler

born in 1957 in Wiesbaden, studied Economics in Wiesbaden. After her studies she worked in a PR agency. Her first novel KLARAS HAUS was an immediate success in 2000. She has established a huge following with her crime novels since then. Her next novel DAS VERSTUMMEN DER KRÄHEN/The Silencing of the Crows is published by Piper.

Dorit Kostall

wrote her first stories on her father's portable typewriter. Her debut novel HOTEL BLAUES WUNDER has been published in 2011 under the alias Emilia Licht. Currently she's working on a romantic thriller. Dorit Kostall lives with her family in Dresden.

Melanie Metzenthin

Melanie Metzenthin was born in 1969 in Hamburg where she is still living and working. She has a doctor’s degree in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Having worked with criminals at the forensic psychiatric ward for years, she is still active as an expert. She published several novels, the most successful was DIE SÜNDHEILERIN (Piper Verlag) which was placed on different best-seller lists. Currently she uses her work experiences for writing a thriller which is set in a forensic psychiatric ward.

Clemens Meyer

won many literary awards for his first novel ALS WIR TRÄUMTEN and his collection of short stories DIE NACHT, DIE LICHTER. His most recent book GEWALTEN – A Diary, appeared in 2010. His next novel IM STEIN will be published in August 2013. He lives in Leipzig. http://meyer-clemens.de/biografie

Eckhard Mieder

is the author of many novels for children and young adults. He works as an author and film producer and lives with his family in Frankfurt/Main.

Sten Nadolny

His novel DIE ENTDECKUNG DER LANGSAMKEIT/The Discovery of Slowness, has won him worldwide recognition and many literary awards. He is the author of numerous novels. His latest novel WEITLINGS SOMMERFRISCHE was published in May 2012. Sten Nadolny lives in Berlin and Bavaria.

Nele Neuhaus

is the most successful German crime writer. She took the bestseller lists by storm with SCHNEEWITTCHEN MUSS STERBEN/Snow White Must Die, WER WIND SÄT and BÖSER WOLF. Her work is currently being translated into more than twenty languages. Nele Neuhaus' gripping novels are set in the Taunus mountains, where the author lives. www.neleneuhaus.de

Georg Oswald

was born 1963 in Munich and lives there as a writer and lawyer. His novel ALLES WAS ZÄHLT/ All That Counts brought him international recognition. He has received numerous prizes for his literary work. His last novel UNTER FEINDEN was published in 2012 by Piper Verlag, Munich.

Ivo Pala

is a successful script writer and author of mystery-thrillers for Blanvalet. His ELBENTHALSAGA is published by Sauerländer Verlag.

Alexandra Pilz

is a journalist from Munich. She has worked for more than 10 years at Süddeutsche Zeitung, where she learned her craft in various media departments. Her first novel, ZURÜCK NACH HOLLYHILL was published in 2013. www.alexandrapilz.de

Brigitte Riebe

has a PhD in history. She lives and works as a writer in Munich. The focus of her work is the historical novel, but her passions also include Young Adult and suspense novels. Her books have been translated into a number of languages. Her latest novel is DIE PESTMAGD. www.brigitteriebe.de

Nina Sahm

is a freelance journalist, copywriter and author. Previously, she worked as a dramaturg at theatres in Gießen and Aalen. In 2012, she received a scholarship from the Jürgen Ponto Foundation. Her first novel DAS LETZTE POLAROID will be published in 2014 by Blumenbar Verlag.

Anne Scheller

was born in 1980 and grew up in Lower Saxony. She graduated in English literature, music and history and made Bavaria her home, where she now lives in Bamberg. Anne Scheller has worked as an author for various publishers and agencies since 2007. She writes fiction (novels, debut readers, stories) and non-fiction.www.kinderbuch-werkstatt.de

Anna Schneider

has a PhD in Business Administration and worked in human resources of a large German financial institution and as a coach and lecturer before she started writing. Her YA thriller BLUT IST IM SCHUH was published by Thienemann Verlag in spring 2013. www.schneideranna.com

Jürgen Seibold

is the author of a successful regional crime series and writes thrillers and books for children. ROSSKUR is the first of a new succesful series published by Piper Verlag. He lives with his family near Stuttgart.

Jens Sparschuh

lives in Berlin and is the author of many novels, radio plays and books for children. Together with Sten Nadolny he wrote PUTZ-UND FLICKSTUNDE. His last novel IM KASTEN was published in 2012.

Angela Troni

worked for a big German publishing house before settling down as a free-lance editor and author. Her novels RISOTTO MIT OTTO and SPAGHETTI IN FLAGRANTI are published by Ullstein.

Hans von Trotha

was born in 1965. He studied literature, history and philosophy in Heidelberg and Berlin. His book DER ENGLISCHE GARTEN: EINE REISE DURCH SEINE GESCHICHTE/The English Garden – a journey through its history, published by Wagenbach Verlag, now in its fourth printing, was translated into English. He was also managing director of a Berlin Publishing House for almost 10 years. At the moment he is working as an independent author, publicist and advisor on cultural affairs.

Elias Wagner

lives and studies in Munich. In 2005 he won the Open Mike in Munich. His first novel VOM LIEBESLEBEN DER MONDVÖGEL deals with the discovery of first love – and insects and was published in Spring 2012 by Hoffmann und Campe and was awarded the Bayerischer Kulturförderpreis 2012.

Iris Winkler

studied literature and music pedagogy. Since 2003 she works as a freelance music teacher. Her first book, a biography of Wagner for Young Adults, was published in 2012 by Bloomsbury.

Kirsten Wulf

was born in 1963 in Hamburg. She has worked for many years as a journalist and has written for BRIGITTE, mare, essen & trinken and other magazines. After living in Portugal, Israel and the South of Italy, she makes her home with her family in Liguria. Her first novel ALLER ANFANG IST APULIEN, set in Italy was published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch.

Katrin Zipse

has been working as a dramaturge for years before becoming a radio editor in 1993. In addition, she writes features and radioplays. Her children's non-fiction debut WARUM WIR KEINEN KÖNIG HABEN, written together with presenter Malte Arkona, was published in 2009. Katrin Zipse lives with her family in Baden-Baden.