Literarische Agentur Hoffman GmbH

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Andrea Wildgruber

Andrea Wildgruber worked for many years as editor with numerous authors of fiction and non-fiction. Most recently, she was the publisher of the Ullstein and List Paperback Publishing Division in Berlin. She is the managing director of Agence Hoffman, Munich.


Ursula Bender

Ursula Bender was the managing director of the agency from l989 until 2010. She continues to represent the authors that she had worked with for years. She started her work in the publishing world in l959 at the S.Fischer publishing house, lived in New York for 25 years, working for Alfred A. Knopf, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Viking, many years as scout, and as Associate Publisher at Pantheon Books.


Roswitha Kern

Roswitha Kern joined Agence Hoffman in 2007. She is experienced in editorial as well as translation work. In addition, she has handled foreign rights for Ullstein Heyne List and Random House. Her responsibilities in the agency are e-book rights and renewals. As an agent she works with our Children- and Young Adult books.


Claudia Lichte

Claudia Lichte, is a long standing agent at Agence Hoffman, with focus on international publishers and agencies as well as German authors. Her strong interest concentrates on writers of crime / thriller as well as fantasy.


Uwe Neumahr

Dr. Uwe Neumahr Dr. Uwe Neumahr joined the agency in 2013. Prior to that he worked for six years at the literary agency AVA international as an editor and literary agent. At Agence Hoffman he is resonsible for international and German authors in belles lettres and non-fiction.


Rosemarie Peukert

Rosemarie Peukert joined the agency in September 2008. Prior to that she worked for many years on the business side of publishing. At the agency she is responsible for contracts and royalty accountings.


Micaela Kornhas

Micaela Kornhas works in the agency since l979. Before that she worked as advertising assistant and as bookseller. In the agency she is responsible for the transfer of royalties and funds to all clients of the agency.